Crafter Franchise

What are the requirements to obtain a Crafter franchise license ?

You should have the minimum skills to run a business and preferably have previous experience and specific goals to achieve, you should be able to invest and expand your business by doing more, you should be confident in your abilities and realize in yourself the benefits of your relationship with others, and having previous experience in running similar businesses is additional but not essential, Because the success of the client depends on enthusiasm and positive thinking and the pace of work and perseverance should not be reduced and do not fear continuous commitment and hard work

How long does it take until I reach the opening stage a Crafter cafe?

This depends on several factors, including the selection of the appropriate location for the new cafe, the completion of initial training and completion of the equipment.
Contracting and decoration work, termination of legal transactions, logistics etc… , in any case, when conditions are in order, it will take between 60 and 90 days.

Will Crafter’s management provide the site and building materials ?

Each franchise is responsible for providing a site to its franchisee and all proposed sites must be submitted to the concessionaire for approval, and the franchise shall bear the full cost of construction and processing.

If I rent a site, will you provide a blueprint and design for the franchise site?

Crafter’s Management offers certified engineering plans and specifications that must be provided at the franchise location, and the franchise grantees bear the cost of modifying these plans in accordance with the actual dimensions of the franchise site, and regardless of the above, the way the Crafter brand is displayed on the front of the shop must be fully identical to the commercial identity approved by us, which gives a great impression to Crafter customers.

Who supplies us with the supplies and materials needed to operate the concession site?

As a franchisee of a Crafter cafe, you will be required to get the supplies and raw materials through the concessionaire

Who supplies us with the supplies and materials needed to operate the new site?

In the run-up to the opening and during the opening days, Crafter’s representative will train your employees, supply inventory properly and arrange the opening of the new site.

What about training?

Crafter management is doing a lot of time to develop its products, services and operating system, and does not accept bargaining for the quality of its products or control of its business, so we ask the franchisee and their employees to complete the training program and get training on the job and on the way of preparing products

What is the estimated ROI?

Financial matters depend on a number of different factors such as sales volume, investment amount and franchisee’s ability to manage its business effectively, and this will be discussed in more detail in the franchise interview we will conduct with you after you submit your franchise application and letter of intent.

Will you provide me an operating manual?

Crafter’s operating manual certainly explains the operating system in every aspect of your franchise’s day-to-day operations.


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